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how can I make music online without playing an instrument or recording?
is there a program where I can make my own music? I can't play any instruments that well. ... To get a free start (the only free one I know of) Acid Express. Limited to 10 tracks but you can create a...
Asked by 5dfggf4f - 10 months ago - Software - 2 Answers - Resolved Questions
where can i make music online?
...something that i can press buttons and make music from guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums. i cant download anything. it must be online and i must be able to simply save my project...
Asked by Chris - 10 months ago - Software - 1 Answer - Open for voting
Is there any programs that let you make music online without downloading anything?
Any style of music Rap Rock Trance?
Asked by Infernal Dragon - 7 months ago - Software - 1 Answer - Open for voting
What site is the best site where I can make beats or background music online?
Okay, I want to make music and maybe become a...for free that I can make beats/ music or videos... i dunno, but if you want to record your own stuff Try using Audicity Free recording program, works...
Asked by Chris - 2 months ago - Video & Online Games - 4 Answers - Resolved Questions
where to make background music online?
...any instruments. where can i make background music for my songs online or with some software? you mean the actual music quite a start: make music software free download...reg-19149.html
Asked by live. laugh. love - 6 months ago - Programming & Design - 1 Answer - Resolved Questions
How to make sheet music online?
does anyone know of a good free site where i can make sheet music, like make a song? print it here but I'm not sure if you can make the song here... EDIT...
Asked by Ania - 11 months ago - Programming & Design - 1 Answer - Resolved Questions
does paying for music online make it legal?
so what actually makes downloading music legal and illegal? and the artists themselves don't make any money otherwise. There are a few...
Asked by __connor__ - 1 year ago - Law & Ethics - 4 Answers - Resolved Questions
how do i make online music and videos play on my computer?
everything works offline like itunes and limewire. plugins, files that allow you to play online content, for your Internet Browser. These...
Asked by sweettart012 - 2 years ago - Music & Music Players - 1 Answer - Resolved Questions
where can i make music online (1 point to every participant)?
i want to make music online for free withought having to buy a cd or something like... . What you need in order to make music is a recording program. Audacity...
Asked by Matayeos - 2 years ago - Other - Music - 3 Answers - Resolved Questions
Does anybody know were i can go to make music? ONLINE?
...reggaeton and r&b.and hip-pop i want to make those kinds of music but i want get started and i want to start online! so does anybody know any websites that... ...custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks2/music/piano/index.h... Best of luck to you!!
Asked by Stephanie A - 3 years ago - Blues - 1 Answer - Resolved Questions
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