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sites for file sharing

Hi,friends............u must have some data and you want to share with some one or you want to keep it safe so that it can't get be placed somewhere and you need not to search for it..........We share some data on social networks and on some sites or blogs. Every one want more space to store there data on web server but due to heavy charges of file hosting services , nobody prefer to go with expensive file hosting services . but now there is so many site offer free file hosting services. Some file hosting sites are really handy and make sharing data even simpler than sending a file via email .

As Web designer and blogger I am always in search of useful sites to Store.People asks me about the various sites and there alternatives.My friends usually ask me--Sunny! can you plz search some sites for photo editing,or some sites for free video downloading.And I am ready for my friends help.So,someone asks me about these sharing sites........I searched it and found few good sites.And its on INDYAROCKS.
You are right I am writing this time here about my research.Here are some sites............

Your Files Online for our readers . Here is a list of some great file hosting sites that make uploading and sharing files easy as never before etc. We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible.

I will appreciate if you can spread the word via Digg, Stumbleupon and other social media websites, Thank you..

Files Hosting Site:

1. File Savr - Free File Hosting :

FileSavr is free web based file hosting services offer 10 GB upload size limit, currently the largest available on the internet. one of best feature of the FileSavr is :

Not compulsory to sign up for paid accounts to download files, they do not show long countdown timers, pop up ads, or any other spam related activities.

2. Gazup :

Gazup! is the leading website for social file mirroring online. you'll be able to upload files to multiple file hosts in one go thus saving you time and bandwidth. Simply upload a file to our service and our servers utilizing gigabit speeds will rapidly mirror your file to 8 hosts, including RapidShare, MegaUpload, FileFactory, zShare and many more. Gazup! have unique features for both video and normal file formats, for example if you upload a video to Gazup! service they will automatically generate screenshots of the videos frames and display a presentation next to the download links. Gazup!system is very advanced with link checking features . Gazup! support any types files and format with Max file size 400MB.

3. Badongo :

Badongo allowed you to upload up to 4.8GB a day and as a free user and registered user, 12GB a day . Badongo is free web based file hosting service which allowed user to upload files of a maximum size of 1GB. Badongo is totally different from any other file hosting service because Badongo give you freedom to create an MP3 player on your website by pasting code from your account, the ability to create slideshows from pictures with multiple effects, a file widget tool to place on websites, a desktop application for uploading files quickly .

4. YouShare :

you share give you freedom to Upload up to 500 MB at a time. no need of registration required. if you Register for free to upload 1024 MB at a time and organize your files. with youshare you can Add your friends and give them permission to upload to your albums.

5. DepositFiles :

one of my favorite file hosting service because it store all my files on there servers for any period of time . you can Download your files from slow servers to DepositFiles server and their storage for any period of time. DepositFiles is free web based file hosting service which allowed user to upload files of a maximum size of 2GB but the total size of the stored files is unlimited .

6. File Dropper :

File Dropper give you freedom to Upload up to 5GB at a time. no need of registration required. if you Register for free to upload 1024 MB at a time and organize your files. with youshare you can Add your friends and give them permission to upload to your albums. File Dropper do not reel the user in and make them wait for annoying countdown timers and also not hide the download link with aggressively placed ads.

7. File Factory :

File Factory suitable for all types files and format . File Factory give you freedom to Upload up to 300 MB in a size. easily Upload up to 25 files at once. it give you freedom to create an MP3 player on your website by pasting code from your account, the ability to create slideshows from pictures with multiple effects, a file widget tool to place on websites, a desktop application for uploading files quickly . With Filefactory you can Earn cash or points for sharing popular files. Earn up to $20 per 10,000 downloads.

8. humyo :

Humyo is a 10 GB Space free service for Backup Your PC Online Free. its not only Backup Your PC but also hosting your file upto 10GB in size. Easy to operate just drag and drop your files to online Humyo Secure Vault or you can use Humyo software to automatically backup your files on your computer as they change . you can access your data from any browser or mobile phone from anywhere ,even when your computer is offline . One can easily upload and download any Size file and share with your friend or you easily publish your media on the web. Humyo also offer free trial of business Backup and storage services to corporate user .

9.Gmail Gspace :

This extension allows you to use your Gmail Space (4.1 GB and growing) for file storage. It acts as an online drive, so you can upload files from your hard drive and access them from every Internet capable system. The interface will make your Gmail account look like a FTP host. After the installation, you'll get an option called "Gspace" in your "Tools" menu, which opens the GSpace window. With this tools you can store your all pictures and other files to your gmail drive. one of my favorite Firefox Add-on and I regularly use this add-ons and it help lots.


FILEFRONT offer unlimited file uploads,bandwidth and UNLIMITED space .filefront give you freedom to Upload up to 1 GB Max file size limit. you can access your data easily upload and download any Size file and share with your friend or you easily publish your media on the web.


Megaupload is a leading provider of online storage and web hosting services. they offer ad-financed free and affordable premium online storage/remote backup capacity, plus sophisticated uploading and downloading tools. you can access your data from any browser from anywhere . One can easily upload and download any Size file and share with your friend or you easily publish your media on the web.

12.Easy Share :

free web based file hosting sites easy share offer you upload files from your PC or from a remote server. Upload via ftp, http, software or web embedded widgets. Organize your uploaded files with's Smart Organizer. Group your files into folders, attach descriptions or rename them and share with your friend and forums or any other social networks. for free user Download files for free at up to 150MB/hour and Premium Membership user get additional features likes;

250% increase in download speed
On spot activation
Get discounts to free Premium memberships if your files generate more than 15000 downloads in 30 sequential days
13.Windows Live SkyDrive :

25 GB of free storage on Windows Live With SkyDrive, it's easy to store and share your files and photos with almost anyone . user friendly interface and easy to use like ;Drag files into your online folders, just like on your PC.

 Now some Image Hosting Sites:


Photobucket offers image hosting, free photo sharing and video sharing. ... with us - we are one of the most popular video hosting sites in the world.

2.FlickCabin :

"Flick Cabin" is a simple free image host where you can anonymously upload pictures from the home page upload form without registering an account, and hotlink the remotely hosted images on eBay auctions, message boards, blogs, MySpace, and other websites. After uploading images, you are given BBCode (for posting the image in forums) and a direct link URL. There is no mention of maximum filesize, bandwidth and inactivity limits, or how long the hosted pics remain on the server.

3.ImageShack :

Free web hosting for images with direct linking allowed to your websites. The popular media hosting website ImageShack just launched a new service that lets you download torrent files onto their servers.They have a subscription service, but the mostly free service are good for everyone.

4.TinyPic :

TinyPic® is a free based photo and video sharing service that lets you easily upload, link, and share your images and videos on MySpace®, eBay®, Orkut Scrapbooks, blogs, and message boards. no need of registration required, simply you can submit your picture or video and directly linking allowed to®, eBay®, Orkut scrapbooks, message boards, forums, blogs, journals, e-mail, IM, and other websites.

5.The image hosting :

The image hosting .com was launched in August 2004. its an free web based photo sharing services . You can easily create free online photo albums and to upload multiple images at once and ZIPPED image files. the image hosting .com suitable for .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .swf, .png format files.

6.imgboot :

imgboot offer free Unlimited image hosting . simply you can submit your picture and directly linking allowed to®, eBay®, Orkut scrapbooks, message boards, forums, blogs, journals, e-mail, IM, and other websites. To use this services you have to registered with imgboot .its free for everyone. Imgboot support all web image formats such as jpg, png and gif, less popular image formats like tiff and bmp, and there is even support for flash files swf and swc.

7. OneDump :

OneDump is free web-based Unlimited file uploads, up to 10 files at a time, up to 10MB per file .OneDump offers free unlimited storage for all types of files, from audio, images, and text. Our straightforward approach makes it easier to upload and share files. OneDump not only lets users host files but it also lets you link to them to use on social networks, websites and blogs. :

With Auctiva you get free, unlimited, image hosting with world class reliability. eBay charges as much as $1.05 per listing to do this . :

flickr is most famous image and video hosting service by . flickr is best online photo management and sharing application in the world . In addition to being a popular Web site for users to share personal photographs, the service is widely used by bloggers as a photo repository.

10. ImageBam :

Free image hosting and photo sharing. Create picture galleries with bulk upload tools and share with family and friends. this site is user friendly and fast. Imagebam is free web-based Unlimited file uploads, 3mb files size limit . no need of registration required. Unlimited downloads and uploads . Imagebam also support to Compressed (.zip) image archive. if you Register for Imagebam you get additional features like multiple file upload, keeping track of your uploaded images, giving/editing title and description of your image galleries.

PSD file hosting sites:

1. PSD file hosting : is the best psd uploader on the net and its free! you can host all your psd files and share them with your family friends or maybe even use it for your business!

Flash .swf files Hosting sites:

1. - Swf Hosting : :

MegaSWF offers you a free, stable .SWF file repository on our high-speed servers. Upload SWF files up to 10 megabytes in size.

3.ImageShack :

Free web hosting for Flash .swf files with direct linking allowed to your websites. The popular media hosting website ImageShack just launched a new service that lets you download torrent files onto their servers.They have a subscription service, but the mostly free service are good for everyone.

4. SwfCabin - Free Swf Upload & Swf Hosting :

SwfCabin allows you to publish your swf files with ease. with user friendly interface you only need to select your swf file and select whether or not you'd like people to be able to use the voting feature on submission .SwfCabin automatically detects the dimensions of your swf’s and codes a page for to fit it properly to the values taken when we analyzed the file on upload.

free web hosting site:

Wix - Create a free website, Free MySpace layouts & Flash MySpace layouts

With Wix you can create a free website or make free MySpace layouts and Flash MySpace layouts. It’s the simpler, faster, better way to build & design on the web.

Weebly - Create a free website and a free blog

Weebly is the easiest way to create a free website. From personal to professional sites, Weebly will enable you to spend your time on the most valuable part of your site, its content. You can create free website and free blogs.

Google Sites

Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share webpages. This is powerful enough for a company intranet, yet simple enough for a family website as well.

Freewebs - Make a web site with photo albums, blogs, videos, forums and more!

Make a website in minutes with simple tools for individuals, groups, or small businesses to share photos and videos, open a store, and build a member community.

SynthaSite - Free Website & Hosting

You can build a free website with SynthaSite. This is really quick & easy website builder that requires no technical skills to create your new website thats will look more professional and beautiful.

Viviti - build a website as unique and dynamic as you

Viviti is the fastest way to make a professional, easy to update, web site with only a few clicks. You’ll have your web site looking great and online in minutes!

Jimdo - Create your free website

It’s really easy to create your own JimdoFree-Page free website, you will need to just sign-up, follow the link to your own Page, integrate pictures, videos and texts in seconds, change the design with a click, add as many pages as you want and show your swifty JimdoFree-Page to your friend.

Tumblr - The easiest way to share yourself

Tumblr makes it effortless to share text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be.

Webon free websites and free website hosting

You can build the dynamic, stylish, and ad-free site you’ve always wanted with Webon’s powerful site creation platform. You can embed widgets from services like YouTube, Flickr, and Slide. Developers can even extend Webon’s library of add-ons using the OpenSocial standard.

Webnode - Build a free website and create a free blog

Webnode brings you a brand new innovative way of creating and editing advanced websites by just using a web browser. By using Drag-and-Drop from the toolbar you can add new content such as polls, forums, articles, catalogues, widgets such as PayPal and much more.

Edicy - Build and edit websites with ease

Edicy is so easy to use you can build a site for your business or organization and have it live on the internet in a matter of minutes. All the tools are available online with no additional software required, just pick one of our beautifully made designs, enter your text, add your images and then publish your site to your own custom web address, it’s that simple.

WebSketch - Your web your way

As you move objects on your page in WebSketch, others move out of the way automatically for you. The end result is a clean, crisp and clear layout that looks great.

Microsoft Office Live Small Business - Web site Design and Hosting

Microsoft Office Live give you free Web hosting, easy-to-use design tools, and site traffic reports, They also provide everything you need to look professional on the Web, as well as free, around-the-clock support.

And here my and

If you know some sites or wanna know about  more sites then plz comment me or contact me................

make free websites

Culturehall - Curated Artist Registry for Contemporary Artists
We provide free artist portfolios with an easy to use set of web-based tools to make presenting art online simple and efficient. Our community of artists ... - Cached - Similar

Online Artist Portfolios -
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Online Portfolio Websites for Photographers, Artists, Designers ...
28 Sep 2009 ... If that weren't enough, we also submit your website to all the major search engines for free! clock, Helps you Work Better Our portfolio ... - Cached - Similar

ispyart | free online art portfolio website for artists
paypal integration - 0% sales commission - unlimited art uploads - unique url - marketing tools - growing artist community - easy customisation - monthly ...

Ten Free Online Artist Portfolio Sites | Artist as Designer ...
26 Jan 2009 ... Finally, here is a link to a very good article on “Getting Your Art Portfolio Online.” Tomorrow: Review of free online artist portfolio site ...

Carbonmade : Your online portfolio.
Carbonmade helps you build and manage an online portfolio website. Use Carbonmade to show off your design, illustration, art, or any other type of creative work. ... A hassle-free online portfolio. No HTML necessary. ... E-magazine, Gallery, Portfolio, Connection ...
Username: Password: Log me: Free Register! Lost Password? ... (+) Submit a Site (+) Submit a Designer ... full version · free version ... - Cached - Similar
::ArtIndustri:: - The Largest Art Portal On The Net
The Art Industri Group has joined forces with Magic Web Solutions to bring you ... Our online portfolio creation options is one of the most fully featured FREE ... The free directory of art resources, materials and supplies for artists, ... - Cached - Similar

WOTARTIST ONLINE GALLERY and artist website community
Wotartist online art gallery specialises in the visual arts, Digital art, ... Each artist name, [portfolio] and [web] links are images that can be viewed when the ... in our promotion and development, please feel free to donate below. ... - Cached - Similar

Top 10 websites to submit your design portfolio | Designious Times
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Jonny Yorke - Free Portfolio Templates
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Photography & Portfolio templates - Eye-Catching Designs!
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Photography Websites and Artist Web Sites, FolioLink Template ...
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Ultimate Guide To Using WordPress For A Portfolio - Smashing Magazine
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Free Web Templates | Free Flash Templates
eCommerce templates. Free web templates. Art templates ... Free Portfolio flash cms template, Mega Disco DJ, Coffee Lovers. Bunisess Clean, Martial Arts ... - Cached - Similar - Cached

A very cool website with a lot of great portfolios, if you update yours often you will have more views.

A network with lots of great designers and portfolios where you can make a lot of connections.

Is there anything else to say?

If you are fashion designer this is the place where to show your work.

A cool creative community website, small, but is growing.

Portfolios, news, jobs and more on this nice website.

You will get a free portfolio and a lot of jobs to apply.

Connect with other artist and promote yourself.

Post a free portfolio and then apply for jobs, simple as that.

The simplest way to show off your work are websites like Flickr. This is an example there are many services out there like this one.

Free Baby Webpage, Websites, Baby Blog and Online Birth ...
No experience at all is needed to create your child's very own FREE, Safe and Secure Online Baby Album website and Baby Blog! It truly is as EASY as 1-2-3. ...
Baby finder - Baby Boutique - Faqs - Sample sites

A free website for your baby
Make a website for your tiny baby for free! ... will help you to build a free website for your babyboy or babygirl. ... - Cached - Similar

Babies Online - Baby, Pregnancy, & Parenting
Babies Online has been providing free baby websites, parenting tools, & free baby stuff for new & expectant parents for well over a decade. Our free online ... - Cached - Similar

Build Your Babies Online BabyPage Today!
Build your own Web page for your children or one that is on the way! ... Babies Online Member Benefits, FREE Baby Stuff & Special Offers, Interactive Tools & Resources ... By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Service. ... - Cached - Similar

Create your Baby website : share photos, stories, movies, journals ...
smiling baby who loves sharing their photos create a adorable baby website for free. Create a fun, personalized baby website in minutes using simple point ... - Cached - Similar

Children's Health
What Is Baby Colic? Though many are not exactly sure what this “colic” thing is ... or employees of or the author(s) of site content ... - Cached | Get your baby website today!
Join for Free ... Create a Baby Website, which captures all those special moments for long distant viewing at any time of day. Now you and your visitors can ... - Cached - Similar

Create a Website For Your Baby, Free Personal Baby Website, Custom ...
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What Will My Baby Look Like -
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Baby Corner - Baby, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Calendar, Baby Names ...
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Looking for the Meaning of a Name, Best Baby Names, and how to ...
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Kid Genius. Educational software for parents, teachers and kids
Free software to teach the Alphabet, Letters, Numbers, Counting, Reading and Spelling ... SPELLING, VIDEO CLIPS, FLASH WORDS. CREATE WORDS, READING, STORIES ... - Cached

Free Content Articles Directory and Search Engine for your Ezine ... free article submission and distribution directory is one of the ... People are very busy with work and trying to make a living that cleaning house could .... It's tough to raise babies and children. Really. Having given birth to three ... Ex-designz Article Directory is website for writers, bloggers and ... - Cached - Similar

Jean Greenhowe Designs Official Website - Jean Greenhowe free ...
With your help I hope the Babies will create a beautiful RAINBOW all around the world. Click here to download the Rainbow Babies free pattern. ... - Cached - Similar

Play Free Online Games for Girls & boys - Best boy & girl games ...
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faqs - Free Baby Webpage, Websites, Baby Blog and Online Birth ...
Do you have a lot of annoying advertising on your Free websites? ... Is it easy to create a baby website? It's extremely easy. No experience at all is ... - Cached - Similar

make magazine covers

1. Mag My Pic

2. Fake Magazine Cover

3. Fake Magazines

4. Write On It

5. On Cover Page

6. Maga Fake

7. Pimp Pic

8. Me On Mag

9. Paparazzied

10. My Picture on Magazine

11. Your Cover

12. Silly Webcam

13. Front Page You

14. My Cover Pics

15. Mock Magazine

16. MagoFun


photos editing websites

Our Top 10 Picks


One of the hottest site with tons of creative backgrounds to play around with. Now comes in 9 different languages.

Fun Photo Box

If you don’t get what you want from PhotoFunia, you reallly need to check out this site.




Create a photo mosaic of your choice for free online.


Choose a photo for the left and right side and start mixing their hairs up.


We’d say, with Photo505, Photofunia and Fun Photo Box, you’ll be buzy for days.

Yearbook Yourself

Turn your face photo into yearbook alike black & white old school photo. The service is paused and will be back this Summer.


Make funny photos by embedding your face from the photo to the various templates.


Create different fake magazine covers from your photos.

Your own Wired Cover

Powered by Xerox, this service allows you to create your own Wired magazine cover. Customized everything from titles, colors to photos.

Hollywood Hair Makeover

Love those celebrities’ hair? Wear them instantly and see how you look.

More Ways To Have Fun

Write On It

Easily create your fake pictures, captions and fake magazines and other funny jokes for you and your friends.


Create multiple interesting effects from your normal photos.


Allows you to upload any photo and create "old photo", "wanted" and "puzzle" effects out of it.



My Heritage

Making use of their face recognition technology, this site offers several fun effects you can play with your photos. Included are Celebrity Morph, Look-alike Meter, Celebrity Collage and Tag Photos.

Letter James

Letter James has nothing to do with photo effects, but instead you allows you to blend texts and words of your choice into their existing templates.


Lots of ways for you to customize your photos and express them wherever you want.

Funny Photos

Similar to Fun Photo Box and Photofunia, just different effects.


Make yourself frontpage in 136 different magazine covers.

Fake Magazine Cover

Personalized money

Get your head into that dollar bill.


Create HDR

One of the simplest way to create HDR photos online.


Add Glitter, Graphics, and Comments to personalize your images, then share with your friends!

Read more: 25 Websites To Have Fun With Your Photos